Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 minutes makes a difference!

Yesterday, my girls and I made the short trip to Michigan to visit my mom. We spent time visiting at Mom's apartment, she fed us, we walked by the river and Maya played at the park. Then, we went to the Berrien County Youth Fair, which was fun for Maya. She got to the farm animals and Grandma bought her a couple things. The day was long, to say the least.
I am still amazed at how long it can take to leave the house. On days we have plans, I feel like my entire morning is centered around leaving the house. The to do list: showers and wash up the girls, breakfast for all, ensure there are clean diapers, pack the diaper bag, change diapers, dress the girls, feed the little one (again), pack the car, make sure I have snacks and water for the drive, clean up spit up and possibly change Autumn's (and sometimes my) clothes, change diaper (s) again, get us in the car buckled up, and run back in the house for the one thing (whatever it may be that day) I forgot. WHEW! We left at 11am and got home at 9pm. I was exhausted! Kevin worked late and didn't get home until midnight.
Today, went fairly smoothly. I was looking forward to seeing Kevin since I hadn't seen him since Sunday when I was taken to bed by the girls (story of it's own). Then, he called to tell me the train he usually takes home was broken and he would have to catch the next train. Bummer for everyone! Kevin leaves at 6:30am and is home at 7pm, it's amazing to me how much 30 minutes makes!
When he walks in the door at 7, he assumes possession of Autumn while I finish dinner (which I usually start making about 3o'clock~story of it's own too). We quickly wolf down our food while Maya eats in her toddler fashion (mostly she doesn't eat). We watch Wow Wow Wubzy. Then, we all head to the bed where Kevin reads a story while the girls nurse. Once they're asleep, I am sometimes allowed by Autumn to get out of bed to visit shortly with Kevin before I'm too tired to think. When he's home late, the night seems to shorten exponentially.
I am grateful for the time he is home in the evening. Knowing he is there if Maya or Autumn both need something at the same time. Or, Maya wants someone to lay with her a little longer, Kevin is there to give me a small break. I L.O.V.E. my girls, but momma needs a teeny tiny break.

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